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When it comes to performance, Flutter has the upper hand as it’s compiled to ARM or x86 native libraries, which makes it really fast. React Native isn’t compiled to native code, and it still has the JavaScript layer, making it less performant than Flutter.

React Native uses a JavaScript bridge runtime.

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And 5 reasons you will enjoy Flutter too

Lego figures of Batman and Superman, eating ice creams.
Lego figures of Batman and Superman, eating ice creams.
Photo by Yulia Matvienko on Unsplash

Recently, I’ve been dabbling with Flutter for building cross-platform mobile apps. Initially, I was afraid of the learning curve as I had zero knowledge of Dart (the language Flutter uses) or the framework itself.

After giving Flutter a try, I was totally impressed with the framework. As a React developer, I could relate entirely to the way Flutter works. Here are five reasons why.


One of the key features of React is that it is declarative. As compared to imperative styles where we need to manually construct a full-fledged UI, declarative method allows us to simply describe the current UI…

Containerize your Next.js apps in a jiffy

A ship floating on the sea.
A ship floating on the sea.
Photo by Katherine McCormack on Unsplash

What Are Docker containers?

Containers are a unit of software that help us package our code and our dependencies compactly. The main advantage of this is it helps our apps to run efficiently and reliably in various environments.

When we package our code and dependencies, a Docker image is created. This image encompasses everything that’s required for our app to run, including the system tools and libraries as well.

When we build these images and run them, they become Docker containers. Once again, for emphasis, the huge advantage of doing so is to help our software run in the same exact way, no matter…

Understanding the Stock Market Craze

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This is a week of surprises.

You definitely know something is off about the stock market when even your most clueless friend is posting screenshots of investing in hyped companies on Instagram and Facebook.

I am sure you know what I’m talking about for it must be really hard to miss the current craze of the stock market!


Everything I use when I set up a new React app

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash.

If you are a React developer like me, then you are essentially spoiled for choice when it comes to frameworks, libraries, tools, etc. With React, it is even trickier compared to full-fledged opinionated frameworks like Angular. React calls itself a JavaScript library for building user interfaces (UI).

With a huge array of options, it is only natural to be confused about what technologies to use for your next React project. Today, I’ll share my favourite libraries and how they make my life so much easier!

Kickstarting a Project (The Base)

A quick guide on choosing between Dollar Cost Averaging and Lump Sum Investing

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We have all heard the popular advice to dollar cost average (DCA) when investing. But should you be using DCA, and is it the most effective method of investing? Let’s find out!

What is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)?

Under DCA, we simply set aside a fixed sum of money in regular time intervals to be invested into a specific asset. This periodic investment is independent of the current stock price, the market conditions, the country, etc. Because of this simple, regular, and periodic nature of the DCA method, investments can be largely automated.

For example, to invest in the S&P500, one may decide to periodically transfer…

A 7 minute guide to making smarter investment decisions

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When I started out to invest, no one told me how to make smarter decisions. I invested on my gut feeling and what I thought would be a good investment. I didn’t know that what I was doing is not investment, it is just speculation! I was just playing a gamble on my money. In an attempt to help my fellow investors, I am writing this short guide that summarises just the top 5 fundamental metrics that every investor should know.

My hope is this: Tomorrow, if someone asks you why did you invest in Stock ABC, instead of giving…

A 5 minute guide to decide between Create React App and Next.js for your apps

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If you are reading this, you’re probably a React developer who is deciding between Create React App (CRA) and Next.js for your new project. I have used both extensively in several projects and have come to love Next.js for its simplicity, ease of development and the tons of features it adds on top of React.

Let’s break it down covering the top benefits and caveats to make the decision.

CRA & Next.js

CRA is the official recommended method for most people to kickstart a new React project. …

Exploring the disconnect between our economy and stock market

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Photo by Patrick Weissenberger on Unsplash

If you follow the stock market actively, like I do, you would have noticed a disconcerting pattern — while the economy was in shambles, stocks were flourishing!

This was baffling to me. Everyone I knew, including experienced colleagues in the financial services industry had predicted the S&P 500 or NASDAQ to fall from its glorious early days of 2020. It was almost certain that we were in an economic recession and that the stock market was going to crash. And in fact, that was partly true. However, what happened after the “momentary” crash was unexpected. Stocks started to rise and…

Get ESLint and Prettier Up & Running in just 2 mins

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One of the most common issues when setting up a new Express or React project is setting up ESLint and Prettier to work together.

If you are wondering what is the difference between them,

Prettier is code formatter which takes care of how your code should look like. ESLint is a linter which does more than just formatting. It also helps find code errors which can lead to bugs.

This short guide is dedicated to the countless beginners who might be scratching their heads on this same issue.

Note: We will be using VS Code in this tutorial, but it…

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